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Zugspitze: A Peak Experience

The winter has been kicking my butt. What better way to beat it than going off to an even colder part of the world. 🤣 That’s right, we’re talking about the Zugspitze 🏔, in the southern part of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and the Austria–Germany border. Epic views and delicious food.

Helpful Apps I used during my trip:

  1. Airalo: Cheap and easy way to use your phone. It offers eSIMs for over 100 countries and regions. Way cheaper than paying your phone company. *Make sure that your phone is unlocked* [ on iPhone: Settings > General > About > Carrier Lock = No SIM Restrictions]
  2. Omio: A travel booking app that helps you find and book the best transportation options, including trains, buses, and flights, across Europe and North America. The prices are sometimes cheaper on here too.
  3. CityMapper: A transit app that provides real-time updates on public transportation, bike-sharing, and ride-sharing options in over 70 cities worldwide. Great for last-minute changes or bus/train cancellations.
  4. TikTok – I needed to find fun places and visual stimulation; what better way to do it than by using this app! Let’s be friends: @pleasedontgawk

Let’s start with a little history lesson. Did you know that the first recorded climb of the Zugspitze was in 1820?? It’s become a popular spot for hikers, climbers, and tourists. My partner and I went there for some mid-afternoon snacks, and it was so worth it. I felt like I was in some kind of action film because so many skiers looked like titans with their noisy gear and rosy red cheeks from the cold. Watching them ski was awesome!

At the top of the Zugspitze, you’ll find the Gipfelhaus restaurant, where we were. This place is a must-visit, housing Bavarian cuisine, and panoramic views. It almost felt like being in outer space (not that I’ve been, but🤣). The people were so kind and accommodating. Trust me, you won’t want to miss out on this one!

Our favorite part was taking the cable car to the top and being in Austria and Germany simultaneously. The views were breathtaking; during warmer months, it’s great for hiking trails, skiing, or snowboarding on the glacier. After experiencing this place, it really made me want to take up skiing, and I’m almost committed to learning, lol.

For History Buffs: The Zugspitz Museum tells you all about the mountain’s geology, flora, and fauna, as well as its fascinating history as a tourist destination. There used to be a hotel back in the day up there (though I think they built a new one), and apparently, a glacier destroyed it.

At Lunch: My partner and I wanted to sit in a quiet place and enjoy the view; we were contemplating living outside of the U.S. and how different life would be. Of course, not trying to glamorize what we’ve been experiencing during vacation, but the idea of exploring other parts of the world together sounds exciting to us and, even more so, the ability to do it. Our goals since leaving New York have shifted drastically, and the current climate of the U.S. has created a sense of doubt regarding stability. We dug deep into what our individual dreams are and how we plan on getting there. We also spoke about the struggles we’re facing and how we can do better next time; It was a really insightful and cathartic chat up there and one I’ll never forget.

Book Review: Notes on an Execution by Danya Kukafka


Since 👻 Halloween 🎃 is right around the corner, I figured sharing this book would be *chef’s kiss* for the Halloween theme. I’m not one to read thriller novels, but this one was fantastic! 

Genre: Thriller 🙂 

Breakdown: Readers will find themselves at the story’s apex and work their way back. The novel lays out the life of Ansel Packar, a serial killer on death row, told by him and the women who have surrounded his past and present. The storyline begins with the countdown to his death, the twelfth hour, where Ansel walks us through his thoughts and what it’s like to be on death row. Other characters include his family, work colleagues, and a detective with a connected past to Ansel, which we find out later in the story. 

Read it if: You’d like to keep your lights on at night.

Is it funny: Nope.

The cover: Purple, with an easter egg, quite beautiful.

Do I recommend it: Absolutely. The author made this book such an easy read; so many people I recommend it to tell me that they could not put it down! 

Every turn of the page makes you wonder where this story is leading up to next; it was so good.

What I loved most about this book is that Danya did not throw around fancy words that remove you from the momentum of the story; it was very conversational and intentional, which really held me in. Absolutely a great read; great job Danya!

Rating: 4 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Winter is Coming; Grey Outfit has Arrived


I blinked, and now it’s Fall. Here’s my cozy pick for the month of October.

Love dark color palettes? Grey! 👀 

Guess what? We’ve officially decided to stay in the country! I’m over the moon excited📈; not something I thought would ever interest me, but the amount of peace and friendliness has been such a game changer for us. One of our friendly neighbors told us we should get some orange vests for us and our pup because it’s hunting season. He said I shouldn’t worry but to be careful and that he “won’t scare you with the horror stories,” 0.0.

The Fall hits differently over here, and since there are hardly any people around us (not like in the city), feeling comfortable in your clothes (and warm) are a top priority. Today’s outfit was inspired by the gloomy weather.

Also, our dog Mr. Shelby constantly asks us to go outside and stay in the yard (FluentPet), which is why we tend to lean heavily on comfort. Every morning, he gets up, pushes his buttons, and we escort him out the door. He smells the fresh air and takes it all in. It makes me the happiest fur mom alive to see him enjoy his life as it should be. 

Okay, before I start crying, check out the style deetz:

The Look

Top: Banana Republic men’s grey cashmere v-neck sweater 229.00 USD. The best for a chilly day with a breeze. 

Accessories: My cap is a Carhartt signature canvas cap 12.99 got it at a store nearby, but you can find it online. 

As always, my watch is by Kapten & Son  299.00 USD

😊 My urn necklace  (varies in price but is no more than 30.00 USD) holds my old pupper who crossed the rainbow bridge. She was a wonderful pup, and I keep a piece of her close to my heart. Some people think it’s strange, but she was my angel. You can find this type of necklace on Amazon; although the chain is flimsy, choose wisely.

Bottoms: Pact Leggings, size 2 (26 European) 28.00 USD Probably the best, long-lasting pair of leggings I’ve ever had. I loved them so much that I bought four of them years ago, and they have yet to tear!

Shoes: They’re Clark’s, but I don’t see them online; you can always look at Toms since they share some similar styles.

What colors do you like to wear during the Fall?


Summer Look: Levi’s Jeans + White Top


Less really is more

So much has happened these past few months, and let me tell you, it’s been amazing! We’ve ditched New York City for a place in the country, and it’s been nothing short of amazing. 

Even though we’re only here for a few months, the changes in our lifestyle and stress levels have shifted dramatically. In New York, we’d rush to every single place, weary of strangers, and use extreme caution when leaving the house after 9 pm.

Things are different now. We take long walks, greet our neighbors, and smell the greenery while sipping our morning coffee. We’re going to miss this experience for sure, but very grateful to have had the opportunity to experience it this summer. 

 After this, we’re headed out to a more suburban place and very excited for that journey as well; more on that next time –but you’re here for the outfit! 

Lately, I’ve been feeling so in my skin by wearing less of a lot of things. Does that make sense? Fewer accessories, light makeup, and focus more on simplicity. Uncomplicated colors, such as blue, nudes, and white. More of a natural feel. I’m also focusing more on investing in slightly better quality and less fast fashion items. 

The Look

Top: Banana Republic, white linen, small. Not sure if they still sell this, but here’s a similar one.

Bottoms: Levi’s 711 Skinny, size 2 (26 European) 69.50 USD –but I’ll be honest, these jeans turned into a tourniquet after a few hours; a size 4 is probably best. Yep, they’re stretchy.

Accessories: The two small rings are from my mother; I don’t know where she is, but it makes me think of her. My watches are almost always by the German brand Kapten & Son (similar to my watch); I gravitate towards the clean look.😊 My necklace was a gift from my boyfriend’s family in Germany; I love it so much! The gold and teal ring was from Tuscana, Italy. It’s so sturdy, elegant, and simple, which I’m digging. If you’re ever traveling, find cool pieces to take home with you. 

Feel free to share your looks in the comments. I’m actively searching for inspo!


White Sweater Dress from Amazon


Yes. I found it on Amazon!

The salad could have been better, but the desserts made up for it.

This dress was worth blogging about; not only is it affordable, but it really does hug your frame and make you feel comfortable. It was extremely hot at the restaurant, so I had to roll up my sleeves upward, but other than that, it was perfect.

The Cherfly v-neck sweater dress from Amazon is perfect for fall evening wear on a budget. This dress ranges from 45.00 USD to 52.98 USD. It’s incredibly comfortable, fits slightly loose but still flattering. If you’re shorter than 5’6, you may want to wear heels for a longer/slimmer elegant look, or it may come off as a bathrobe. The fabric isn’t quality but dressing it with some great accessories make such a difference.

My nail polish is from Essie in Luxedo.  Since the main focus of my outfit was white, I wanted my nails to contrast the dress, which I think worked out great.

For accessories – Anything with gold, amber, and nude tones = my go-to.

Nude heels are by BCBGeneration, I would have opted for open-toe, but it was F R E E Z I N G that evening. No, thank you.

My amber watch is from Kapten and Son in Campina Mesh. It’s a rose gold classic dainty watch with a white face. I’ve had it for about four years now.

Round teardrop earrings: I found these at Marshals, and I’m so bummed I didn’t keep the box, but I found similar ones from Lucky Brand.

Makeup: Though you can’t see it, I wore a bright red lipstick from MAC called Lady Danger, a bold tomato red.

Perfume: By Dolce and Gabbana “L’imperatrice, it smells like sweet citrus and florals in the summer sun. I bought this when I visited friends in Florida; the warm weather made me buy it!! I have no regrets but I think it was totally an impulse buy.

Things I wore ✨


I’ve taken a bit of a break with PDG because there are many moving parts right now, but hopeful that it’ll come back to normal soon. New spaces, books, and tips are already on my to-do list for me to share with you. Can’t wait to share the exciting updates with you (and photos).

Chat soon. ❤️


Book Review: Tender is the Flesh by Augustina Bazterrica


After a grave virus eats away most animal life, Augustina’s characters resort to cannibalism in this dystopian universe.

Genre: Dystopian Fiction

I stumbled across this book and now cannot see the world the same again. This experience is life-altering, simply because there are severe parallels between our current factory farming and the world that Bazterrica creates in her novel. Human flesh* (a specific kind of human-bred meat) is nothing more than a way to feed and indulge those who can afford it.

Breakdown: Augustina does a tremendous job describing the characters and their headspace to her readers in this dystopian world. Once horrified by their choice to eat humans, the main character is now faced with living in their reality, working at a farming factory where they breed, kill, and sell human meat. The narrator describes the laws established to produce this meat, which they call “heads” and walks us through the process of treating them like farm animals. These “heads” are tortured, killed, abused, and without dignity (much like factory farming). 

Read it if: You want to be seriously horrified. 

Is it funny: No… oh no..

The cover: An amalgamation of a half-human and half-cow –terrifying.

Do I recommend it: I really do. If you’re not into horror or dystopian readings, this is a great one, to begin with. I am still recovering from it…

Rating: 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Book Review: The Sum of Small Things by Elizabeth Currid-Halkett


Grab this non-fiction book on Scribd

From breastfeeding etiquette to shopping at Whole Foods, Elizabeth Currid-Halkett writes about the inconspicuous and conspicuous differences in classes one can recognize by observing simple everyday activities.

Genre: Self-help

A colleague of mine amassed a substantial amount of wealth, making it effortless to retire before forty. It got me thinking of what their new life will look like. I’ve always heard how the wealthy take their vacations, shop, and eat, but this time, I wanted to find a book that could tell me more about the differences and similarities between classes in general. This book was a really great start in funding my curiosity. If you rather listen to it, you should try

Read it if: You’re up for an entertaining and easy read, filled with neat factoids about classes, happening in real-time.

What’s it about: You’ll learn about the class systems of today and why we do the things we do when it comes to money, class, and status. Elizabeth discusses the aspirational class’s upward mobility to achieve and succeed in everyday social and work life. She does a great job at bringing back historical theorists that discuss the ideas of class and the need to impress or suppress the concept of wealth depending on several geographical, racial, and cultural perspectives.

Is it funny: No, but I find that a non-issue!

The cover: Satisfying to look at, true to the book.

Do I recommend it: I do. I did not expect this book to indulge me the way it did. It was cleverly written and allowed me to see certain examples she used in the book in real-time (cough cough, Whole Foods). Thanks, Elizabeth!

Rating: 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Let Me Tell You Something by Caroline Manzo


Find the paperback version or audio version

Genre: Humor/Non-fiction memoir

This non-fiction memoir jumps into Caroline’s core values; her classic outlook on married life, family, friendship, and beauty. Though I would like to agree with some of it, I can’t relate because I’m vain (in the beauty area), and I can fully admit that. .__.

TV reality star from RHONJ, Caroline, sounds like a great person to meet. She talks about family traditions, fan interactions, her thoughts on plastic surgery, and “Ask Caroline” sessions (advice). Truth be told, I would ask for advice too, but some of it sounds outdated regarding dating and plastic surgery, but again, I appreciated her take on things. Needles to say, I don’t think Gen Z’s would really enjoy this book? Maybe some Millenials.

Read it if: You want an easy, feel-good book that you can listen to while you’re driving to work or cleaning your house. Also, read it if you’re having relationship troubles and feel like you need advice from someone with life experience.

Breakdown: Caroline’s career and home life built on respect, family, and loyalty. Her life sounds so wholesome, and some of it tragic. At one point (which made me think), the author said that she doesn’t mind if her home gets dirty when she has guests over. I admire that because I’m neurotic about my home, yet it’s still messy. But she’s inspired me to change that. Plus, what’s the point of having a lovely home if nobody visits becuase you treat your place like a museum. Great tip, Caroline, thanks!

Is it funny: No, I was expecting some of it to be. Caroline has witty one-liners but nothing that will make you spit your drink out.

The cover: I want to sit right next to her. That’s the vibe I get. She looks like a “You can sit with us” kind of person. I like that.

Do I recommend it: Frankly, I don’t think this book is anywhere near in-depth self-help since there aren’t any specific measurable action plans. Not that it was supposed to be a self-help book, although most of her tips leaned towards that. The author does preface that she’s not a professional counselor/coach, which I appreciated. Caroline could have raised the bar more; it was very PG. It could be read as if she wasn’t candid or vulnerable. I don’t know if that’s who she is, but I still find her charming. If she does write another book, I would encourage her to be more vulnerable (it doesn’t need to be dramatic).

I will say that it was nice to have the author read her audiobook.

Rating: 3 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️

DIY: All Natural Coconut Coffee Body Scrub With Only Four Ingredients


By far one of my favorite high-end body scrubs without the hefty price tag! The ingredients are as natural as you want them to be, and most of them you probably already have. 

I would advise a light pour with the coconut oil because of the not-so-pleasant oil stains in your tub later (trust me). Also, if you live in an old building, chances are your pipes will clog too. Less is more.

The real benefit of this scrub is its soothing properties for dry, damaged, and dull skin. I use this scrub when my skin is taking all kinds of hits. It’s best to use it the night before a major event. Please be gentle, and if you are using it on your face, maybe scrub it two days before a major event.

Ingredients you’ll need:

100% Unrefined coconut oil 1.5 tablespoon – Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. 

Organic honey 1.5 tablespoons – A humectant, excellent for dry skin, and acne. My honey is from Ecuador.

Sugar 4 tablespoons – Organic is excellent if you have it, but mine is plain old sugar – great for acne, and clogged pores.

Coffee 2 tablespoons – I used the regular old Folgers brand. Make sure it’s not flavored coffee!

You’ll need a container with depth; that way, it won’t go flying around the countertop when you mix the sticky solution (honey). I used an old container and then poured the ingredients into the saucer in this photo.

Don’t clean utensils with alcohol since it can mess up the smell. Use regular dish soap and then pat dry with a towel or napkin. 

Step 1. Gather all of the dry ingredients, sugar, and coffee, and mix them in the container.  

Step 2. Once they are thoroughly mixed, pour a tablespoon of coconut oil, and mix again. 

Step 3. Add the honey and mix until you can see the grains combine. 

Finish: The consistency is supposed to be the soft clump kind. Not too sticky where it turns into balls, but not too weak where they can’t combine. That way, when you scrub your body, it can actually cover the areas you want to polish. 

After your scrub, lather some oil or your favorite moisturizer as if your life depended on it, and you’re finished!

You can leave the scrub in the fridge when you’re not using it. I keep mine for about a week since I scrub about 2-3x a week. Don’t let it sit too long in the fridge since it goes bad sooner than later. Since there aren’t preservatives like “citric acid” you may want to toss it after five days. I make small batches to limit waste.

I hope you liked it!


Book Review: The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F**k by Mark Manson


Manson encourages you not to care about the little things, only the things that matter. A bit idealistic, and somewhat self-indulgent. Either way, I still enjoyed a few bits.

Check out the paperback version or the audio version.

Some of it made me want to give a F***k…

Genre: Self-help

Read it if: You think you have too much on your plate, not enough “time,” and trash priorities. Read it, if you want to better understand why you do what you do (and how to stop if it’s what you’re craving). Also, read it if you want to hear some wisecracks, you’d probably think to yourself but never say out loud.

Breakdown: Learning not to care but actually care a lot about what you want to gain out of life. Mark has a bit of a philosophical approach to your troubles, in which he tells you flat out that you’re going to die, and maybe, you should start giving a f*ck about the things that truly matter and, less so, of the trivial ones.

Is it funny: Uhm, mildly entertaining.

The cover: ORANGE. It reminded me of this one time, when I went to an interview, and the walls were as bright as this color. When I asked the Recruiter why they chose orange, she told me it was because it calms the interviewees down. I’m guessing Mark Manson’s intention was to calm down his readers as well. Note taken.

Do I recommend it: I think this book is a regurgitation and amalgamation of the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene and 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson. Though these two books are my favorites, I feel that the S.A.N.G.A.F, is more of a light skimming of the two, so I didn’t really feel as though I gained thorough knowledge from it. It’s great for an easy read and not an in-depth approach to your troubles. Don’t expect it to scalpel through your deep desires and pour over your greatest struggles. I’d say that this book will suit those who have a perceived normal-ish lifestyle. 

Rating: 1 Star ⭐️

New Years Day Outfit: Black and White


Can you believe we are at the end of 2020? I can’t either—cheers to the new year, in black and white everything.


The black bodysuit is from Boohoo. I’m wearing a size 10(m); I feel like a 5lb sausage in a 3lb bag, so please be sure to measure yourself. I may have lost all sensation in my arms for this photo op, but worth it for you guys. The detail in this bodysuit is beautiful. You can wear it with a skirt or with pants, which is great for versatility. 

I love white, but I’m not blessed enough to maintain things the same color. Usually, I ruin white articles with makeup, my dog’s hair, and pen stains.

My pants are from American Eagle. This brand is great for short-term use. The only issue (my fault) is the hip/waist ratio. My love handles don’t like to be hugged, and it’s a bit too low for me, so make sure you’re comfortable in the kind of rise you purchase.

Shoes are by BCBGeneration. I love this brand!! They look sexy, clean, and again, it’s all about versatility for me. I need to dress outfits up and down for me to buy them. Make sure you have flats nearby if you are planning on walking in heels. Tip: rub deodorant on your feet to prevent friction, but not on open skin!

I cannot tell you how much I miss wearing pumps. Before quarantine, I planned to buy new pairs of shoes and dumped about eight. Then covid hit, and now I’m just sitting by shoeless (I’m exaggerating). No point in getting anything now, since there’s nowhere to go (*cries in quarantine*). 

For accessories, I kept it simple since the colors are what pop out the most.

The purse is from Nine West. It’s pretty old and has held up exceptionally well. You can find inexpensive quality bags at Marshall’s, but they don’t always pop up. This tote I found online has a similar feel but shop around for your perfect size. I wouldn’t say I like big bags, since I’m short.

My watch is from Kapten and Son in rose gold. Classic, clean, and wrist-slamming durable.

Earrings: They are simple teardrop-looking with a rose gold/nude hint to them. They were a gift from a friend, but here are some similar-looking ones. If you have a round face, long earrings usually complement it well.

I added another bag. ^ It’s a mini book bag from Kapten & Son to make this outfit a bit more playful.

What are you wearing for the New Year? 

Declutter Your Home


Have you seen those IG pages with pristine homes or offices that are clean and perfectly organized? The kind that make you look at your space and and think, “-ugh”.  

Fab Photo by Liana Mikah

Covid-19 has transformed our home into one big birdcage. It’s where we work, exercise, sleep, eat, and even vacation. But how do you relax when there is so much junk everywhere? 

I’ve told my sister about the idea of decluttering her apartment, and she tells me, “I don’t plan on staying here that much longer, maybe a year or so.” But that’s too long to wait! Sitting in a space that is not peaceful, organized, and calming is not worth the money you’re saving.

I’m here to help you organize it; it will be a therapeutic process and change how you feel for the better.

The best way to declutter; start with these simple steps:

  1. Divide the home/office into rooms. Then divide those individual rooms into spaces. (ex: bedroom or a kitchen office)
  2. Once you’ve selected a room (ex: bedroom/kitchen office) – Start categorizing the space.
    1. Drawers – You will start cleaning all drawers in the space first.
    2. Closets – You will start cleaning all drawers in the space second.
    3. Visible space areas – You will start cleaning all v/a in the space third.
  3. Then divide whatever you find in the three categories above into 3 categories.
    1. Things I still use/need.
    2. Things I have not used in 6 months/want to give away.
    3. Things that have no meaning/value (Ex: an old vacation globe that takes up space, a notebook that collects dust, an old I love LA shirt you don’t use).
  4. Know your color palette/style – Not only do you have to throw things out, but you also have to ask yourself, “does this go with the color scheme in this room?”. If not, your place will look like a Macy’s showroom.
  5. Grab a trash bag, and promise to fill it – Fill the bag with things you don’t need and be honest with yourself. How does said item provide peace and meaning in your space?
  6. Create a monthly decluttering schedule – Once a month, commit to decluttering your space. Set a minimal amount of items to either chuck or donate, ex: 5 items per month. The more you do this, the less hours you’ll spend cleaning through mountains of junk. Remember, your time is expensive. 

Benefits: This will ease your mental anxiety over the space and help you find things you always seem to misplace, creating real savings; your time. We spend so much time that we can never get back doing things we could have avoided. By keeping your space organized and clean, it will free your mind and time to do what you truly love!

You will not be able to do this in one sitting, and that’s okay. Be patient with yourself. By decluttering your space, you’ll be able to live/work in an area that fills you with comfort, security, and tranquility. You will also find unique items you forgot you had and help you let go of things that no longer suit your lifestyle or decor. You’ll even think twice before buying!

Hope this helps ❤️

Book Review: The Personal Librarian by Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray

New York Times Bestseller fictional story about J.P. Morgan’s personal librarian, Belle da Costa Greene.

This book is loosely based on the real-life Belle, J.P. Morgan’s librarian. The actual library is located in NYC (if you’re ever curious to visit). 

I tried to do some recon on the real Belle; oddly enough, it proved difficult. She never married nor had any children, alluding that she did this on purpose, given the racially charged times she lived under.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Breakdown: This story unravels from the first-person perspective of Belle, a Black woman in America during the 1900s, hiding her true identity while trying to rise up in the ranks within the elite social society (uber-wealthy). Belle navigates not only the racial biases during those times but also one of the biggest tycoons in American history, J. P. Morgan helping him find and collect art and rare books to add to his private collection. Belle’s mother, Genevieve played a pivotal role in denying their identity by passing her family off as Portuguese. This concept was quite the opposite of what her absent father wanted; a Black rights activist, also known as the first Black man to graduate from Harvard University.

Read it if: You just want to read something with sprinkles of reality, then suddenly drowns in fiction. 

Is it funny: Nope.

The cover: A beautiful backdrop of a gargantuan library and what we assume to be Belle in a stylish ox-blood-colored gown.

Do I recommend it: I really wanted to like this book. Some parts were informative and endearing, and you really did cheer for the protagonist, Belle. But then, it became predictable with little depth left. The story started to run superficial, and it completely lost me. I learned some new words, but I don’t think I’ll use them anytime soon. This book highlighted her personal and professional life, but it became messy and soap opera-esque. Maybe I was expecting them to stick to a more believable storyline about the true Bell Greene, but then again, this woman, who was she? History has very little about her, and it’s a real shame. 

Ultimately, the story is a “read at the beach” read but nothing more. Maybe this just wasn’t the book for me. Either way, I appreciated the read. 

Rating: 2 Stars ⭐️⭐️

A Day in Innsbruck, Austria

Discover the charm of Innsbruck with me!

During our stay in Germany, my partner and I planned to visit Austria. PSA: If you’re going to Austria in Feb/March, please add another extra layer of warmth, even when you think you won’t need it; trust me, you will…we were freezing our butts off. 

Pro Travel Tip: We wanted to remove our layers after walking for so long. Bring a thin cloth tote, so you don’t have to hold things on one arm.

About Innsbruck:  We took the train, which took about two hours, bright and early. It’s the perfect place for skiers, but for people like me who don’t (yet), they have plenty of restaurants and museums. We went to the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum, AKA “Tiroler Volkskunstmuseum.”

It was awesome! You’ll love this place if you’re into antique tools and history. We spent the whole day there, and because this museum is so large, there were many different floors and exhibits to explore. They have preserved medieval displays that go way back to the 14th century.

We saw wood carvings, fashion, interior displays of homes, art, and huge stoves, plus they had some fun activities for kids to interact with. 

Food: After the museum, we went to see the golden roof, which, to be honest, was not something I was excited to see, but we saw it anyway and then made our way to this restaurant called Marian von Burgund for some appetizers.

What I love about Europe: The ease of sitting in a restaurant and not being hounded to order more in order to sit in a place. We sat there for hours chatting and enjoying the moment, which I wish we could do more of in the States.  

Travel Tip: Have y’all ever heard of “The German Stare”? It’s when Germans stare blankly at you; they don’t mean anything by it, but it happens to me when I visit sometimes. I also found this in Austria. But all you do is smile at them; generally, they smile back and say hello. Don’t be alarmed; it’s mainly curiosity 🙂