Skinny Girl Margarita With A Twist Recipe

A switch up to the Skinny Girl Margarita by simply adding lime juice and Tajin! Having super sweet cocktails used to be my thing, but now I’m more inclined to drink mouth-puckering ones. The best kind? The one we make at home. It takes no time to make and lighter than ones you’d order at a restaurant.

You’ll need:
4 ounces of Skinny Girl Margarita.
1/2 a lime squeezed.
Tajin powder (salt, lime, and spice).
Half a cup of ice.Calories: 95

The only prep is cutting the lime, rimming the glass with lime juice, and placing Tajin powder into a bowl to rim the glass with it, done!

I find that shaking it doesn’t make much of a difference if your drinks are already cold. Stirring them ten times right and left chill them nicely just as well.

Hope you enjoy it ❤️. This is also a lighter version of the real margarita that’s filled with tons of calories and added sugars. Drink responsibly 😉

Author: Gene

Passionate about trying new things and then writing about them. My background is in Film, Media, and Talent Acquisition, so there's much to explore. Still trying to figure out the perfect iced coffee and oat milk ratio; any tips?

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