5 Questions to Ask Your Zoom Date (Covid-19 Edition)

If someone were to tell me in 2019 that 2020 would happen the way it did, I probably would have said, “you’re a mess”. Aaaaand then, 2020 came around.

Fab photo by Jed Villejo via Unsplash

So for all my single people who are single and want to date as safely as possible. I’ve written a few questions to help you break the ice. If all else fails, let me know. I love hearing how Zoom dates go. I’ve never done one!

  1. How do you feel about scrubbing floors and plunging toilets? – Yes, I’m for real. Look at their reaction. This is a great ice breaker. It also helps you see how they feel about doing manual labor. It’s supposed to be in jest. If they have a sense of humor, great, but if they take offense… run. I also like catching people off guard, because that’s where you see the real them most often. Try it, what do you have to lose?
  2. How would your friends describe you in the group? This is a great question; I even use it during interviews. Generally, this shows you where the person is in the hierarchy and how they view themselves, funny, introverted, serious, etc.
  3. What’s the best dish you’re known for? Great question if you’re a foody and get to know the kind of food they enjoy. If you are planning on an in-person date down the line, you have all the details.
  4. Do you have a favorite comedian? Do they have a sense of humor? If so, what kind? Is it something that will align with yours? For me it’s Bill Burr (love him, still do) because he’s straight up and an acquired taste for some people. Thankfully my partner also appreciated his type of comedy.
  5. Who’s the most inspiring person you know? Who they look up to will say a lot about their values and why they matter to them. Values are at the core of a personality, and will determine the conversations and memories you will choose to share.

If you guys liked this post, let me know, and I’ll make another. Good luck out there, and make sure you never ever, ever, ever, settle. Ever.

Author: Gene

Passionate about trying new things and then writing about them. My background is in Film, Media, and Talent Acquisition, so there's much to explore. Still trying to figure out the perfect iced coffee and oat milk ratio; any tips?

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