4 Quick Tips to Love Yourself

Fab Photo by: Sincerely Media

These tips helped me develop more self-love, and I never thought I’d say that! Not in any particular order. 🥰

  1. Dress for the occasion – If I dress like I’m going to do laundry when I have a date night with my partner, guess what, the vibe for me (for me) is off. I love dressing up and looking cute/bathed, whatever you want to call it. This reminds me of (story time); when I interviewed a candidate for a front desk associate position. I kid you not. This woman came in as if she was ready for the club. Her nails were the size of Texas, skin-tight pants, and a tube top. She looked out of place for the front desk associate position. It felt far from appropriate. It was a painful interview; she was too busy worried about her appearance rather than on the questions. Be your BFF, dress for the occasion, and coach yourself.
  2. Have a hobby – This may sound vague, but you need to do something that fulfills you and makes you happy outside of the everyday bustle. It can be a sport, writing, learning a new language or reading, anything that you do for yourself, with out the need of someone else to do it with you (but awesome if they want to join in).
  3. Have an opinion And don’t be afraid of it. I’ve said some really stupid shit in my youth, and some at my age currently. I’m not perfect, but I’m always open to having my opinions challenged and open to learning from my gaffes. Open to change. Having an idea, and being okay with expressing it, builds your confidence. Otherwise, how will you ever think freely!?
  4. Self-care – The times where I feel confident and loved are when I do my skincare rituals, healthy smoothies (that last for about a week), and all the things that make me feel like a woman. Whatever self-care means for you. Do it. Try to do it consistently.

Loving yourself also means challenging your biases, and being thoughtful about your choices. It means being kind to the child inside of you, protecting your heart when others dismiss your emotions. It takes time, but it’s well worth it to start now if you haven’t done so already.

Author: Gene

Passionate about trying new things and then writing about them. My background is in Film, Media, and Talent Acquisition, so there's much to explore. Still trying to figure out the perfect iced coffee and oat milk ratio; any tips?

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