The Day I Asked A Doctor For A Refund (Storytime)

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Wether you like to believe it or not. They too are a business. TLDR: Ask questions, and always state your frustrations so that both parties are equally responsible and aware for the outcome.

Y’all -I’ve wanted to get fillers for my cheeks for a while now. They’re looking a bit shit. It’s not something serious, but I’ve noticed that there’s a loss of volume and thought about getting a consultation for over a year. 

It was time for me to commit, so I researched this particular doctor. He was also where my dermatologist was and so I thought it could be someone worth trusting.

I spent $XXX.XX for an 8-minute consultation with zero information on side effects information, healing time, types of filler brands, nor procedure steps. I also paid two Uber rides (to and from $55.00 +tip )—WHAT.

I waited for over a month to meet this “doctor.” It’s like he had an allergy to the stool he was sitting on. He sat extremely close to me. I wonder if this was a tactic to make patients insecure and add on extra procedures, but I tell you that he was less than an arm’s length near me. Did I mention there’s covid lurking in the background (the year is 2021 ya’ll). Soon after, herded me to the front “we’ll get you set up at the front for the price.” That’s it. After expressing that I did not know much about fillers, and that I was super nervous (said it like twice). 

I walked out to the front, wondering what the next step were. Do I pay and then get more information for what I may do? Nope. He price tagged me for 1.VOLUMA for the cheeks running at $1,225 and then lips 2. Juvederm $895 (A WHOLE SYRINGE) no other details in place.  

You may be thinking “If you can’t afford it, then maybe you shouldn’t be getting it”. Sorry, no, incorrect. I can afford it—I’m conservative about how I spend. Just because I have, it doesn’t mean I go throwing it in people’s hands; you earn it like I do. At least tell me why this brand amongst all others are worth my while? Who should not get fillers, what are the allergies or risks associated – NOTHING.

AND: My friend got her lips done, and her dermatologist gave her ALL of the details, making her feel the most comfortable, and LISTENED. She told her that she didn’t need to go with a full syringe, so she gave her half a syringe, mind you her lips are smaller than mine. HOW. HOW is that even ok?!

IT GETS BETTER: After leaving the consult room to ask for the “prices,” I stand there like a fucking idiot and go. Ok.. “So, do I wait here or…” and they go, -“OH. No, you come BACK IN ANOTHER MONTH and get the procedure done or you can travel to his OTHER office”. 

WHAT????????? QUE????? Что??????? WAS????????????

With a stupid look on my face I looked at him for an explanation and he goes “Oh no, it’s not today (like it was absurd to assume, in his up-talking manner), I have two other surgeries (yeah, great) so, I can’t do it today, and I want to dedicate at least 30 to 40 minutes on you..didn’t anyone tell you that?”  

… The receptionist was also confused. I looked at her… she looked at me… I looked at her… she looked at me. Awkward smiles approached. Even when they were discussing the prices, it was so awkward. As if it was super uncomfortable for me to stand there as they discussed prices THAT I (my partner’s bday gift to me) was going to pay for. 


I left and said thank you, completely frazzled and stupified; I left thinking.. why did I even make an appointment? I wouldn’t let that man touch me for anything in the world right now. 

The extreme lack of kindness, thoughtfulness was very disheartening. No care in the world to say, “HEY- LADY WHO IS NERVOUS about FILLERS. Here’s what we do have. By the way, there are many different kinds of fillers. This is what I suggest based on your price range, these are the side effects, and based on what you think is deserving we will take it from there; what do you think?” 

FW UPDATE: After being transferred endless times and finally getting ahold of someone after speaking with 8 people (not kidding) and one lovely cow who said “UHH OHKAY” when I told her my issue, I finally reached the general manager who understood and apologized about the experience.

The silver lining? If you think something is not sitting well, listen to your gut. Don’t ignore it. I was patient and tried to keep myself calm. I kept trying and trying and finally got to speak with someone. It’s not ideal to wait almost a week but I had to try. Issue has been resolved and I will not be doing anything with that office again.

I’m cool. I’m cool. I swear.

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