Makeup Review: Maybelline Dream Radiant Liquid

Affordable Makeup for on-the-go.

I cannot believe I finally found a foundation that actually looks glowy, expensive, and only costs $13.00. I found this at my local Rite Aid… I know!

Review time: It gives me a great sun-kissed dewy look (muahah). It doesn’t sit on your wrinkles; if you’re over 26 or suffer from dryness, you know what I’m talking about. Throughout the day, I get flaky and tend to use heavy-duty retinols, so I’m always a bit crispy.

Staying power: Probably the not-so-great part. It has the glowy effect I’m craving so I don’t really care that it doesn’t last as long as my full-coverage foundations. Also, it’s compact, so I can re-apply whenever, and super great for travel.

Color Selection: They are somewhat limited. I might have to mix colors. As you can see, it’s pretty dark, but the skin color on my face is different than my hand (not that different though, haha).

Coverage: The coverage lasts for about 4 hours max, and it’s light.

How skin feels after: Incredibly moisturized; I thought it would create milia (bumps on the skin), but it didn’t!

Do I recommend it? Hell. Yes. It’s not expensive, and if you’re looking to save on makeup, it’s definitely a great start. It reminds me of the Georgio Armani Silk Foundation (*I love but it breaks me out).

I recommend it for dry/ mature skin or if you’re currently on acne medication and need a boost of hydration. I waited a full two weeks before reviewing it because I wanted to make sure my skin had enough time to react to it.

G ❤️

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