A Day in Innsbruck, Austria

Discover the charm of Innsbruck with me!

During our stay in Germany, my partner and I planned to visit Austria. PSA: If you’re going to Austria in Feb/March, please add another extra layer of warmth, even when you think you won’t need it; trust me, you will…we were freezing our butts off. 

Pro Travel Tip: We wanted to remove our layers after walking for so long. Bring a thin cloth tote, so you don’t have to hold things on one arm.

About Innsbruck:  We took the train, which took about two hours, bright and early. It’s the perfect place for skiers, but for people like me who don’t (yet), they have plenty of restaurants and museums. We went to the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum, AKA “Tiroler Volkskunstmuseum.”

It was awesome! You’ll love this place if you’re into antique tools and history. We spent the whole day there, and because this museum is so large, there were many different floors and exhibits to explore. They have preserved medieval displays that go way back to the 14th century.

We saw wood carvings, fashion, interior displays of homes, art, and huge stoves, plus they had some fun activities for kids to interact with. 

Food: After the museum, we went to see the golden roof, which, to be honest, was not something I was excited to see, but we saw it anyway and then made our way to this restaurant called Marian von Burgund for some appetizers.

What I love about Europe: The ease of sitting in a restaurant and not being hounded to order more in order to sit in a place. We sat there for hours chatting and enjoying the moment, which I wish we could do more of in the States.  

Travel Tip: Have y’all ever heard of “The German Stare”? It’s when Germans stare blankly at you; they don’t mean anything by it, but it happens to me when I visit sometimes. I also found this in Austria. But all you do is smile at them; generally, they smile back and say hello. Don’t be alarmed; it’s mainly curiosity 🙂 

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