Kapten and Son “Chrono Silver Steel” Watch Review

With staple pieces, a classic looking watch also follows. My most worn is from a German brand called Kapten & Son.

Price: $ 289.00 USD (It is somewhat steep, but also worth the investment for the durability “testing” I’ve put it through). Did I mention it’s unisex?

Durability: Amazing, I can slam my wrists up against the wall, my desk, break my fall on it (though I wouldn’t recommend it), and it will be alright. You can see scratches on the metal from wear, but that doesn’t show up for a while (I’ve had this watch for about a year + already and am not neurotic about taking care of my things, which I kind of should be).

Size: The dial is 40 mm, which means if you’re 5’2, and your wrist is rather small, it will cover it, for the most part, a look that’s been pretty popular. 

Look: I love wearing this for business and casual wear. The Chrono tells the time, date, and apparently a stopwatch I’ve never even tried.πŸ₯²

Side view. I love the anchor detail.

Many of you may be super high tech and wear your smartwatches, but there’s something sexy about classic-looking watches. I’m not talking about those CHONKY, CLUNKY, BEDAZZLED watches that look like rocks you’d find deep in the ocean, eesh. 

I find that this Chrono watch is super versatile; it goes great with casual and evening wear. It has a rather big face, but it just looks so polished and makes my wrist look elegant.Β 

-See you later!

Cover FX Moonlight Highlighter Review

This is a sample!
Original Cover FX Custom Enhancing Drops is 0.5 FL OZ. O.O

Since the pandemic hit, I’ve been less inclined to wear makeup, even though I’m riddled with mascne. So, what do I do? I deflect from the mascne and highlight my cheekbones.

This product works great for morning and evening wear. Mix this with your foundation or to top it off after you’ve finished applying. πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ

Lasting power: roughly about 4 hours, I’d say. Taking into account how much you touch your face, move, sweat, etc. But a little goes a long way. 

Price: This here is a sample, but you can buy the original size (0.5 fl oz) for about 42.00 USD. It’s a bit pricey. I picked it in one of my many Sephora runs when I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Those were the days.

When I wear the powdered glow products, my skin creases more, and it looks like 🚫. If you suffer from dry and mature skin, I recommend this product since it gives your skin a dewy glow. However, not so sure about oily skin types.  

See you later!

Berry Protein Smoothie (Vegan) Recipe

This vegan berry smoothie actually tastes like frozen yogurt, without the guilt. 😌

I LOVE SUGAR. But now that I’m getting old, my doctor is telling me to chill out. Next best thing? A berry smoothie that actually tastes like froyo!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. One cup of frozen berries πŸ“.
  2. One frozen banana 🍌.
  3. One cup of sweet almond milk πŸ₯›.
  4. Two table spoons of organic peanut butter (the one that’s super drippy, slutty even) πŸ₯œ.
  5. A blender.

Serves two.

It’s best to freeze those browning bananas, and buy frozen berries like the ones in this perfectly lit photo (not my photo). The protein from the peanut butter helped curb my hunger for at least 4 hours. It’s not the best alternative to reducing sugar, but at least there were added vitamins from he fruits! Anywho, just thought I’d share.

Feel free to send recipes in the comments! I’m looking to get back into smoothie loving since I want to get healthy. (-.-)
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