5 Apps For Productivity + Communication (Uni-Edition)

Apps are your friends in staying sane for the coming semester and thereafter.

Your Uni Friends:

Keep your eye on the prize.
  1. Google Calendar  Keep yourself in check and write down what you’ll do that day. You can set reminders and alerts so you can be ready.
  2. Trello Boards  These bad boys are the cutest. You can add cute gifs; color coats them. Sign up for it (free account), and you can set up beautiful templates; and their community is so great they even share boards you may already be looking for. Ex: Hiring, goal setting, workout routine, etc. 
  3. Group Chats –  I use Signal (great safe chat app). The first day, be bold and ask your classmates to add you, or you can create a group chat. It’s great to keep track and ask questions or even a virtual study group!
  4. Libgen Website – The best for textbooks and books in general. This is the best website I have been introduced to, and I have found some great reads. I was not totally sure how it works for free, but I had a classmate tell me about it and share the knowledge.
  5. Scribed App – For “reading” – I bought this as a gift to myself because I’m always complaining that I don’t have the time to read (not true) and all I want to do is read. Now that we all listen to podcasts, it’s totally normal to listen to books. I’m enjoying this so so much. It’s become my everyday routine to listen to it at least twice in one day. When I wake up and get ready, I listen, when I’m in the shower, I listen, and sometimes when I walk outside for a bit if I’m over listening to music. You have the option of paying for less and in bulk or a monthly subscription. I LOVE THIS.  

What are your favorite Uni hacks that help you through the semester?

Decluttering Tips for Home or Office

Have you seen those IG pages with pristine homes or offices that are clean and perfectly organized? The kind that make you look at your space and and think, “-shit”.  

Fab Photo by Liana Mikah

Covid-19 has transformed our home into one big birdcage. It’s where we work, exercise, sleep, eat, and even vacation. But how do you relax when there is so much junk everywhere? 

I’ve told my sister about the idea of decluttering her apartment, and she tells me, “I don’t plan on staying here that much longer, maybe a year or so.” But that’s too long to wait! Sitting in a space that is not peaceful, organized, and calming is not worth the money you’re saving.

I’m here to help you organize it; it will be a therapeutic process and change how you feel for the better.

The best way to declutter; start with these simple steps:

  1. Divide the home/office into rooms. Then divide those individual rooms into spaces. (ex: bedroom or a kitchen office)
  2. Once you’ve selected a room (ex: bedroom/kitchen office) – Start categorizing the space.
    1. Drawers – You will start cleaning all drawers in the space first.
    2. Closets – You will start cleaning all drawers in the space second.
    3. Visible space areas – You will start cleaning all v/a in the space third.
  3. Then divide whatever you find in the three categories above into 3 categories.
    1. Things I still use/need.
    2. Things I have not used in 6 months/want to give away.
    3. Things that have no meaning/value (Ex: an old vacation globe that takes up space, a notebook that collects dust, an old I love LA shirt you don’t use).
  4. Know your color palette/style – Not only do you have to throw things out, but you also have to ask yourself, “does this go with the color scheme in this room?”. If not, your place will look like a Macy’s showroom.
  5. Grab a trash bag, and promise to fill it – Fill the bag with things you don’t need and be honest with yourself. How does said item provide peace and meaning in your space?
  6. Create a monthly decluttering schedule – Once a month, commit to decluttering your space. Set a minimal amount of items to either chuck or donate, ex: 5 items per month. The more you do this, the less hours you’ll spend cleaning through mountains of junk. Remember, your time is expensive. 

Benefits: This will ease your mental anxiety over the space and help you find things you always seem to misplace, creating real savings; your time. We spend so much time that we can never get back doing things we could have avoided. By keeping your space organized and clean, it will free your mind and time to do what you truly love!

You will not be able to do this in one sitting, and that’s okay. Be patient with yourself. By decluttering your space, you’ll be able to live/work in an area that fills you with comfort, security, and tranquility. You will also find unique items you forgot you had and help you let go of things that no longer suit your lifestyle or decor. You’ll even think twice before buying!

Hope this helps ❤️

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