Why I Use Ben Nye Banana Powder

A review of my favorite face powder (pros and cons) and how to get your hands on one!

Fab photo by: freestocks 

This week I wanted to show you the tried and true powder I use on my face for winter, summer, ––actually all the seasons.

Price: Not as expensive as you’d think and lasts for ages ($18-26)! I bought this when Ricky’s was closing down, so I think I got a huge discount (miss them). I don’t trust shopping for makeup on Amazon yet, or anything related to skin unless it’s a trusted seller. If you’re like me, check out Ben Nye’s online store locator.

Package: Cheap, very, very cheap. The one gripe, besides it being in a loose powder format, is the packaging. I don’t need it to be flashy, but because I’m extremely clumsy and lack balance, I tend to drop things… a lot. Especially if I’m wearing all black or white.

Travel-friendly: Clunky AF for travel. Instead, I transfer the powder into a smaller container, so I only use what I need and not lose my mind if I lose the powder. 

Amount: You need to go very light. This can become cakey if you use the wrong brush or have a heavy hand, but it’s absolutely incredible for hot summer days. I don’t remember this oxidizing on my skin. If you overapply, just use a face mist to help it spread evenly across your skin.

Color: “Banana,” which is excellent if you have yellow/peach undertones, but try them out for yourselves! I do not recommend this for pink undertones. They do have pink loose powder as well.

Repurchase? Yep, it’s been my repurchase for over 6 years. This is the only loose powder I love wearing, and lasts long enough for a workday.

Let me know how it goes. See ya! ❤