Why I Use Ben Nye Banana Powder

A review of my favorite face powder (pros and cons) and how to get your hands on one!

Fab photo by: freestocks 

This week I wanted to show you the tried and true powder I use on my face for winter, summer, ––actually all the seasons.

Price: Not as expensive as you’d think and lasts for ages ($18-26)! I bought this when Ricky’s was closing down, so I think I got a huge discount (miss them). I don’t trust shopping for makeup on Amazon yet, or anything related to skin unless it’s a trusted seller. If you’re like me, check out Ben Nye’s online store locator.

Package: Cheap, very, very cheap. The one gripe, besides it being in a loose powder format, is the packaging. I don’t need it to be flashy, but because I’m extremely clumsy and lack balance, I tend to drop things… a lot. Especially if I’m wearing all black or white.

Travel-friendly: Clunky AF for travel. Instead, I transfer the powder into a smaller container, so I only use what I need and not lose my mind if I lose the powder. 

Amount: You need to go very light. This can become cakey if you use the wrong brush or have a heavy hand, but it’s absolutely incredible for hot summer days. I don’t remember this oxidizing on my skin. If you overapply, just use a face mist to help it spread evenly across your skin.

Color: “Banana,” which is excellent if you have yellow/peach undertones, but try them out for yourselves! I do not recommend this for pink undertones. They do have pink loose powder as well.

Repurchase? Yep, it’s been my repurchase for over 6 years. This is the only loose powder I love wearing, and lasts long enough for a workday.

Let me know how it goes. See ya! ❤

Makeup Review: Maybelline Dream Radiant Liquid

I cannot believe I finally found a foundation that actually looks glowy/expensive and only cost me $13.00. I found this at my local Rite Aid!!!

Review time: It gives me a great sun-kissed dewy look (muahah)! It doesn’t sit on your wrinkles; if you’re 30+, you know what I’m talking about.

I suffer from dry skin, and throughout the day, I get flaky. I also use heavy-duty retinols, so I’m always a bit crispy.

Staying power: Probably the not-so-great part. It has the glowy effect I’m craving so I don’t really care that it doesn’t last as long as my full-coverage foundations. It’s compact, so I can re-apply whenever, and super great for travel.

Color Selection: They are somewhat limited. I might have to mix colors. As you can see, it’s pretty dark, but the skin color on my face is different than my hand.

Coverage: The coverage lasts for about 4 hours max, and it’s light.

How skin feels after: Incredibly moisturized; I thought it would create milia (bumps on the skin), but it didn’t!

Do I recommend it? Hell. YES. It’s not expensive, and if you’re looking to save on makeup, it’s definitely a great start. It reminds me of the Georgio Armani Silk Foundation (*I love but it breaks me out).

I recommend it for dry/ mature skin or if you’re currently on acne medication and need a boost of hydration. I waited a full two weeks before reviewing it because I wanted to make sure my skin had enough time to react to it. ❤️

Cover FX Moonlight Highlighter Review

This is a sample!
Original Cover FX Custom Enhancing Drops is 0.5 FL OZ. O.O

Since the pandemic hit, I’ve been less inclined to wear makeup, even though I’m riddled with mascne. So, what do I do? I deflect from the mascne and highlight my cheekbones.

This product works great for morning and evening wear. Mix this with your foundation or to top it off after you’ve finished applying. 🧚‍♀️

Lasting power: roughly about 4 hours, I’d say. Taking into account how much you touch your face, move, sweat, etc. But a little goes a long way. 

Price: This here is a sample, but you can buy the original size (0.5 fl oz) for about 42.00 USD. It’s a bit pricey. I picked it in one of my many Sephora runs when I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Those were the days.

When I wear the powdered glow products, my skin creases more, and it looks like 🚫. If you suffer from dry and mature skin, I recommend this product since it gives your skin a dewy glow. However, not so sure about oily skin types.  

See you later!