Review: Let Me Tell You Something by Caroline Manzo

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Genre: Humor/Non-fiction memoir

This non-fiction memoir jumps into Caroline’s core values; her classic outlook on married life, family, friendship, and beauty. Though I would like to agree with some of it, I can’t relate because I’m vain (in the beauty area), and I can fully admit that. .__.

TV reality star from RHONJ, Caroline, sounds like a great person to meet. She talks about family traditions, fan interactions, her thoughts on plastic surgery, and “Ask Caroline” sessions (advice). Truth be told, I would ask for advice too, but some of it sounds outdated regarding dating and plastic surgery, but again, I appreciated her take on things. Needles to say, I don’t think Gen Z’s would really enjoy this book? Maybe some Millenials.

Read it if: You want an easy, feel-good book that you can listen to while you’re driving to work or cleaning your house. Also, read it if you’re having relationship troubles and feel like you need advice from someone with life experience.

Breakdown: Caroline’s career and home life built on respect, family, and loyalty. Her life sounds so wholesome, and some of it tragic. At one point (which made me think), the author said that she doesn’t mind if her home gets dirty when she has guests over. I admire that because I’m neurotic about my home, yet it’s still messy. But she’s inspired me to change that. Plus, what’s the point of having a lovely home if nobody visits becuase you treat your place like a museum. Great tip, Caroline, thanks!

Is it funny: No, I was expecting some of it to be. Caroline has witty one-liners but nothing that will make you spit your drink out.

The cover: I want to sit right next to her. That’s the vibe I get. She looks like a “You can sit with us” kind of person. I like that.

Do I recommend it: Frankly, I don’t think this book is anywhere near in-depth self-help since there aren’t any specific measurable action plans. Not that it was supposed to be a self-help book, although most of her tips leaned towards that. The author does preface that she’s not a professional counselor/coach, which I appreciated. Caroline could have raised the bar more; it was very PG. It could be read as if she wasn’t candid or vulnerable. I don’t know if that’s who she is, but I still find her charming. If she does write another book, I would encourage her to be more vulnerable (it doesn’t need to be dramatic).

I will say that it was nice to have the author read her audiobook.

Rating: 3 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️

5 Apps For Productivity + Communication (Uni-Edition)

Apps are your friends in staying sane for the coming semester and thereafter.

Your Uni Friends:

Keep your eye on the prize.
  1. Google Calendar  Keep yourself in check and write down what you’ll do that day. You can set reminders and alerts so you can be ready.
  2. Trello Boards  These bad boys are the cutest. You can add cute gifs; color coats them. Sign up for it (free account), and you can set up beautiful templates; and their community is so great they even share boards you may already be looking for. Ex: Hiring, goal setting, workout routine, etc. 
  3. Group Chats –  I use Signal (great safe chat app). The first day, be bold and ask your classmates to add you, or you can create a group chat. It’s great to keep track and ask questions or even a virtual study group!
  4. Libgen Website – The best for textbooks and books in general. This is the best website I have been introduced to, and I have found some great reads. I was not totally sure how it works for free, but I had a classmate tell me about it and share the knowledge.
  5. Scribed App – For “reading” – I bought this as a gift to myself because I’m always complaining that I don’t have the time to read (not true) and all I want to do is read. Now that we all listen to podcasts, it’s totally normal to listen to books. I’m enjoying this so so much. It’s become my everyday routine to listen to it at least twice in one day. When I wake up and get ready, I listen, when I’m in the shower, I listen, and sometimes when I walk outside for a bit if I’m over listening to music. You have the option of paying for less and in bulk or a monthly subscription. I LOVE THIS.  

What are your favorite Uni hacks that help you through the semester?

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