5 Apps For Productivity + Communication (Uni-Edition)

Apps are your friends in staying sane for the coming semester and thereafter.

Your Uni Friends:

Keep your eye on the prize.
  1. Google Calendar  Keep yourself in check and write down what you’ll do that day. You can set reminders and alerts so you can be ready.
  2. Trello Boards  These bad boys are the cutest. You can add cute gifs; color coats them. Sign up for it (free account), and you can set up beautiful templates; and their community is so great they even share boards you may already be looking for. Ex: Hiring, goal setting, workout routine, etc. 
  3. Group Chats –  I use Signal (great safe chat app). The first day, be bold and ask your classmates to add you, or you can create a group chat. It’s great to keep track and ask questions or even a virtual study group!
  4. Libgen Website – The best for textbooks and books in general. This is the best website I have been introduced to, and I have found some great reads. I was not totally sure how it works for free, but I had a classmate tell me about it and share the knowledge.
  5. Scribed App – For “reading” – I bought this as a gift to myself because I’m always complaining that I don’t have the time to read (not true) and all I want to do is read. Now that we all listen to podcasts, it’s totally normal to listen to books. I’m enjoying this so so much. It’s become my everyday routine to listen to it at least twice in one day. When I wake up and get ready, I listen, when I’m in the shower, I listen, and sometimes when I walk outside for a bit if I’m over listening to music. You have the option of paying for less and in bulk or a monthly subscription. I LOVE THIS.  

What are your favorite Uni hacks that help you through the semester?

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